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Polyphonies des Balkans

Polyphonies des Balkans

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This is a collection of beautiful traditional melodies arranged for adults or children’s choirs of two, three and four equal voices. They were tried, tested and trusted by Choralies 2016’s working groups. It’s your turn now!

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Discover Polyphonies of the Balkans, 16 Polyphonies for equal voices :

Wonderful traditional melodies, masterfully arranged for choirs of 2, 3 or 4 equal voices (children or adults).
Moreover, a workshop at the Choralies 2016 tested and approved them: it's up to you to sing!

Catherine FENDER, Director of the publication tells us:

"These arrangements are intended to bring popular repertoires to life. They are not difficult (except perhaps for Zaspalo, which requires a certain vocal flexibility and stylistic affinity for the soloists in particular) and are intended for many ensembles with equal voices, whether beginners or not.
When the distribution is divided, it is always easy to make it, even modular, by choosing to extract one or the other voice.
The themes can be presented first in unison, the polyphonies can be interpreted a cappella or with accompaniment (percussion, piano, accordion, violins, guitars...) with a lot of freedom.
They are intended for female or children's voices, but can easily be adapted to male voices by adapting the tonality if necessary.
Sometimes several different arrangements are proposed on the same title, these can be chosen or, why not, be chained together in concert distributed for example on different stanzas of the same song; they can also, within the same concert program, come as a refrain to give a kind of rhythm to the musical moment.
When the audience has heard the same theme several times, it has landmarks, it is happy to recognize a song and appreciate it differently, it is even the occasion then to invite the audience to join the choir."

  • Alexandris (Greece) - Catherine Fender
  • Alexandris (Greece) - Pascale Parayre
  • Ajde Jano (Serbia/Bulgaria) - Catherine Fender
  • Izmirin kavakları (Turkey) - Traditionnel
  • Rumelaj (Macedonia) - Catherine Fender
  • Shkoj e vij flutrim (Albania) - Fahri Beqiri
  • Shkoj e vij flutrim (Albania) - Catherine Fender
  • Tohumlar fidana (Turkey) - Catherine Fender
  • Tohumlar fidana (Turkey) - Catherine Fender
  • Djore dos (Bulgaria) - Dimitar Gougov
  • Zaspalo (Bulgaria) - Dimitar Gougov
  • Ergen deda (traditional) - Peter Lyondev
  • Ayŕ Marina (Cyprus) – Alkis Baltas/Catherine Fender
  • Ipne pou pernis tapedhia (Greece) - Christos Samaras
  • Ederlezi (Romania) - Catherine Fender
  • Ushti baba (Macedonia) - Catherine Fender