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Polyphonies latino americaines 4

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Polyphonies latino americaines 4
Domine Jesu (José Mauricio Nunes Garcia/ Néstor Zadoff )
Vidala palomarquena (Arturo Davalos/ Arturo Davalos/ Virtu Maragno )
Dolor llanero ( Traditionnel/ Vivian Tabbush )
La vicuñita ( Traditionnel/ Traditionnel/ Federico Neimark )
Volver (Carlos Gardel/ Alfredo Le Pera/ Martin Palmeri )
Capullito de alheli - Sah (Rafaël Hernandez Marin/ Rafaël Hernandez Marin/ Fernando Polonuer )
Vidala sola (Eduardo Falu/ Manuel Castilla/ Norma Basso Herrera )
Papa baltasar (Sebastian Piana/ Nicolas Manzione Homero/ Norma Basso Herrera )

The 4th volume of Polifonias latinoamericanas is composed of original works and arrangements, in the same editorial policy as the first volumes. Some are easy (Domine Jesu, Vidala Palomarqueña et La vicuñita) aside with more complex ones ; some are even the most difficult works of the whole serial (Dolor llanero, Volver, Capullito de alelí). It is common in the latinoamerican popular music to see polymetre in ternary works where alternate (or even superimpose) 3/4 phrases with 6/8 phrases. This typical architecture is creating problems for the choir conductor, and if you add syncopation, all this is requesting a very deep individual work with each of the 4 voices of the choir. The challenge is exciting ! I suggest - among the most complex - to start with those which bears less difficulties (Dejame que me vaya, Vidala sola).There is also another problem with chromaticism. They must be worked on with attention (Vidala sola, Volver, Papa Baltazar, Dejame que me vaya, Capullito de alelí). Tango and Milonga are also in the summary with Volver and Papa Baltazar. Nevertheless, none of those constraints must stop my fellows choir conductors, because our task is fascinating. And overcoming those technical difficulties will help improvement of our choirs. Then ... let’s get to work !Nestor ZADOFF