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Recommençons, buvons plein

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Recommençons, buvons plein
Christophe Ballard published many drinking songs between 1700 and 1702 including this one. It is also included in the “Quinze vaudevilles et rondes de tables” collection gathered by Bernard Gagnepin and published in SAB by À Coeur Joie. Those Bacchic parodies are much unrestrained and can often be said as bawdy, but they were greatly appreciated in 18th century. At that time, people didn’t even hesitate to associate these types of verses with fashionable musical themes, and even with carols. “Recommençons, buvons plein” can be sung on a vigorous beat, up to the last verse in which the tearful aspect would be deliberately exaggerated. Then, it could end with the last joyful chorus which contrast emphasizes the comical effect. Be careful though, some verses and choruses go from binary to ternary rhythms, and this transition has to be soft.