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Salve Regina

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Salve ReginaOne of the first work written by Evann Loget-Raymond (b.1997), it was created and written the same year (2014) at vespers in Sainte-Anne-d’Auray.
The soloists and the choir are expressing their devotion to the Virgin Mary.
Referring as well to the ancient by its modality as to today’s music by its writing process, the music of this Salve Regina, throught performance and listening, tend to show universality of the prayer.
About the composer :
Counter-tenor at the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky, Evann was formerly pupil of the Académie de Musique et d’Arts Sacrés de Sainte-Anne-d’Auray where he was guided in his composition work by the composer and choir conductor Richard Quesnel.
In 2015, he begin to study at Conservatoire de la ville de Paris at the department for young singers. He is also studying choir conducting with Marc Korovitch as well as Gregorian chant at the École de Grégorien de Paris conducted by Louis-Marie Vigne.
Wishing to led non conventionnal artistic projects, he became leader of the « Vox 21 Project », which gather artists willing to create bridges between different musics and their publics.
As a singer, he performed on the stage of La Seine Musicale in december 2017, invited by Philippe Jaroussky and Artaserse ensemble.