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Sanctus - Desprez

Sanctus - Desprez

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SATB A Cappella, Josquin Desprez - Early Music Edited by Jacques Barbier
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Sanctus, composition by Josquin Desprez, edited by Jacques Barbier  for a cappella 4 mixed voices choir SATB

First part of the Sanctus from "Missa L’ami Baudichon", this 4 mixed voices excerpt has the  particularity not to solicit too much men voices.
Tenor part sings on 3 notes the cantus firmus of the main theme (from a profane tune) used in this mass from bar 17 while bass part enriches at the same time the counterpoint of upper voices until the end of the work.
A subtle and delicate masterpiece highlighting syncopes and vocalizations like a sound lace.

For a cappella 4 mixed voices choir SATB.