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Prières pour les temps de détresse - Chœur

Prières pour les temps de détresse - Chœur

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This is a work for mixed choirs, baritone solos and instrumental ensembles. It is based on the Bible, liturgical texts, and texts of great biblical tragedies. There are songs and prayers in response to war, deportation and genocide. It is written in Latin with a simple and tonal musical language, so it can be performed by mass choirs without any trick or rhythmic difficulties.

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Come and discover this superb piece by the very famous Georges Delerue 


Not as well-known as his musics for the cinema, but a highly emotionnal piece.

Cantata for mixed choir, baritone solo and instrumental ensemble


On a text taken from the Bible and the liturgy. It is a work of liturgical character with texts of great biblical tragedies, as well as songs and orations. War, deportation and genocide are exposed and answered through prayer. This work in Latin is written in a simple and tonal musical language, so that it can be sung by large choral masses who will not find harmonic traps or rhythmic complexities.

Orchestral parts on hire : 

3 parts in this cantata :
  • The war (circa 7 minutes)
  • The deportation (circa 9 minutes),
  • The genocide (circa 6 minutes).