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Sotto voce

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Sotto voceI have discovered the author of the text Sotto voce at the composition contest Eufonia Bordeaux 2017. This poem was imposed for the composition of a choral work for 3 a cappella women voices choir.I was stunned by the delicacy and depth of the invoked images : the happiness, the soul, the night. the nocturnal and introspective spirit of the text has guided my ear, and I have tried to enlight the meanings perceived while reading the poem.The first part of this work is dominated by a haunting counterpoint pattern, figurating the soaring bird looking for rest. The central verses sounds like injunction for silence, and I tried to render its performative nature using whisperings. This interjection surrounds a part more dynamic and uses the same rhythme. The last verse recalls the image of the bird by using the first pattern, less as a re-exposure than an uncertain reminiscence of a fleeting happiness.Leonardo ORTEGA