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Sotto voce

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Sotto voce
I met Louisa Siefert at Eufonia Bordeaux 2017 competition. Her poem “Sotto Voce” was the required text for the composition of a three-part female choir.
I was struck by the sensitivity and intensity of symbols evoked; happiness, soul, night. The night atmosphere and introspective feeling guided my way of listening. I wanted to highlight meaning and topics we discover all along the poem.
The first part of this piece is mastered by a nagging and counterpointed motive to represent the bird flying and searching for rest. The central verse sounds like an injunction for silence. I wanted to reproduce this performative side with whispers. This exclamation leads a more active part which has more willful dynamics and uses homorhythm. A motive of the last verse reminds us about the bird, as a sort of recollection of an escaping happiness.
Leonardo Ortega

(Translated from French)