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Stabat Mater - Gibert - Choeur et orgue

Stabat Mater - Gibert - Choeur et orgue

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This piece by Christopher Gibert was commissionned by Rocamadour’s festival to the memory of Francis Poulenc, in 2015. “Stabat Mater” is a part of Roman liturgy in which we truly feel the pain of a mother seeing his son dying on the cross. This is a mother in pain but filled with love. I wanted to represent both conditions. Stormy movements take over harmonies and represent the pain of the mother. The Gregorian theme of Stabat Mater appears in the first measures.The text is enhanced by melodies and harmonies representing her torment and cries.”

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Discover the Stabat Mater, beautifully set to music by Christopher Gibert :

This piece by Christopher Gibert was commissioned by the Festival de Rocamadour in 2015 as a tribute to Francis Poulenc.
The Stabat Mater is a sequence from the Roman liturgy which transcribes all the pain of a mother seeing her dying son on the cross.

Christopher Gibert tell us :

"It is a mother suffering but filled with love that is presented to us. I wanted to convey these two states to the listener.
Like Poulenc, the diaprous harmonies suddenly give way to a tumultuous and bubbling movement that transcribes the suffering of the afflicted mother.
The Gregorian theme of the Stabat Mater is constitutive of the work and appears from the very first bars. The resulting music follows this inspiration with a text in the foreground, enhanced by a melody and harmonies that transcribe her affects as the only echo of her complaints and the true portrait of her torment."

  • Stabat mater dolorosa
  • Cujus animam gementem
  • O quam tristis
  • Quae moerebat
  • Quis est homo
  • Vidit suum
  • Eia mater
  • Fac ut ardeat
  • Sancta mater
  • Fac ut portem
  • Flammis urar
  • Quando corpus
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