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Steal away to Jesus

Steal away to Jesus

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SATB A Cappella - Traditional - Arrangement Paul Arma
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Traditional Spiritual harmonised by Paul Arma for 4 mixed voices (SATB) A Cappella

This French and Hungarian composer used to say "If I think I can be proud of something in my artistic life, it would be to have been free from any theory, school and thoughts.”

He was very interested in traditional and popular vocal music. He collected some peasant, prisoner and Maquis songs from the Second World War. When the integration of Black Americans increased in France, he was able to finish a meticulous work about spiritual. He recorded Black soldiers and made their voices heard in concerts. He also arranged many spirituals. This music can be performed by choirs without much experience. What’s at stake is to keep the commitment and the spirit of these songs through the simple but sophisticated harmonies.

Performance time: about 5'15''

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