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To rinaki

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To rinaki
This is a Greek popular song, coming from Kalamata, Peloponnese. This is the result of an interesting cultural mixing, as the melody is Jewish-Andalusian, the Ottoman music inspired the rhythm, written in Greek with comic lyrics. The arranger wanted to give the impression of spontaneity by the progressive incorporation of voices. The choristers have to pay a close attention to the progression of melody in the harmonization.
Georges Escoffier is a doctor of musicology. He also has a degree in social sciences and political science. He wrote articles about the social conditions of musicians, control and movements of popular education. He was the student of the composer Antoine Duhamel to learn notation. He learned conducting with the association À Coeur Joie and several encounters. He has directed the Ensemble Vocal de l’Ouest de Lyon (ENVOL, À Coeur Joie), since 1999.