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Tonic 1

Tonic 1

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Songbook for Children Choirs 1 to 3 parts - 40 songs
17.20 EUR

Tonic 1, an anthology of 40 songs for children's choirs: canons, unison songs, and works for two or three equal voices

Getting children to sing requires not only excellent technical and pedagogical skills, but also knowledge of a vast repertoire adapted to the age and capacity of the group at any given moment, and a thirst for discovery and renewal.
The aim of this collection is to provide the added assurance of a repertoire that has been tried and tested by many children's choirs.

TONIC 1 is the hit parade of children and their conductors!

TONIC 1, it is a panorama of songs with 1, 2 or 3 voices and canons assured to bring joy and beauty to many generations!

    • Le bon vent (traditionnel)
    • I like the flowers (traditionnel)
    • Rock a my soul (negro spiritual)
    • Les amours, les travaux (G. Vigneault / R. Biteau)
    • Canon du dindon
    • Tango argentin
    • Epo i taï taï é (J. Wuytack)
    • Noël jazz
    • Cantabile
    • Jamaïca
    • Ma doudou
    • Miaou, miaou la nuit dernière
    • Le TGV (J. Kane)
    • Jolie demoiselle (populaire)
    • Un escargot (J. Dauby / C. Geoffray)
    • Chanson du fantôme (R. Chalupt / D. Milhaud)
    • La pomme et l’escargot (C. Vildrac / F. Vellard)
    • Je sens une grande joie (J. Wuytack)
    • Le chat costaud
    • La fillette et le loup (P. Chêne)
    • Roulement de tonnerre (V. Flusser)
    • Le kangouroucoq (L. Daunais)
    • Les sorcières (E. Noyer)
    • Ronde de Saint-Véran (populaire)
    • Billy Magee Maggar (harm. : J. Sourisse)
    • Gaudent in caelis (R. Dering)
    • Samba lélé (harm. : F. Brunier)
    • Le long de la Volga (harm. : M. Bousson)
    • Un oiseau m’a dit (P. Amiot / J.P. Finck)
    • Berceuse chinoise (C. Roy / J. Akepsimas)
    • Canto de candomble (E. Lopes)
    • T’es ma tonique (J. Kane)
    • Le funambule (J. R. Caussimon / F. Lay / harm. : G. Thomas)
    • (N-1) Oiseaux (harm. : M. Gentilhomme)
    • Liberté couleur des feuilles (R.G. Cadou / L. Guilloré)
    • Dans mes bagages (E. Gardaz / Y. Piller)
    • Le bonheur, c’est déjà pour demain (G. Massart)
    • Batucada de Afoxe (E. Lopes)


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