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Trois motets à la vierge - Gibert

Trois motets à la vierge - Gibert

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Christopher Gibert's Trois motets à Vierge is a cycle of a cappella choral pieces that resonate with the Marian theme dear to the composer.
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Discover Trois motets à la vierge, harmonized by Christopher Gibert :

Christopher Gibert's Three Motets to the Virgin constitute a cycle of a cappella choral pieces, in resonance with the Marian theme dear to the composer.
"The motet Nigra sum is a reference to the Song of Songs. The symbolism of black transcribes the Virgin's pain in the face of the Passion. But this darkness follows a new beauty at the Resurrection.
Tota pulchra es Maria is a prayer that refers to the Immaculate Conception. I wrote this piece with equal voices, reinforcing its celestial character of great purity.
Finally, the Ave Regina Caelorum is an antiphon that paints a radiant virgin, root of the earth ("salve radix") in whom everything is reborn. I tried to express this radiance through a dynamic and playful writing. »
(Christopher GIBERT)

About Christopher Gibert :

After having studied organ, piano, analysis and writing at the Conservatories of Toulouse and Boulogne-Billancourt, Christopher Gibert obtained two First Prizes with unanimous mention in choral conducting and musical analysis.
Organist for ten years at the Sanctuaire de Rocamadour, Christopher Gibert has been professor of choral singing at the Conservatoire de Montauban since September 2018. He is also in charge of the "young choir" choral formations at the Saint-Eustache church in Paris.

  • Tota pulchra es
  • Nigra sum
  • Ave regina caelorum