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Trois motets à la vierge

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Trois motets à la vierge
Tota pulchra es (Christopher Gibert)
Nigra sum (Christopher Gibert)
Ave regina caelorum (Christopher Gibert)

Those motets to the Virgin are an a cappella choral works cycle, on one of the favourites themes of the composer.
“The “Nigra sum” motet is a reference to the Song of Songs. the symbolism of black colour is about the Virgin’s dolor facing the passion of Christ. But this blackness is followed by a renewed beauty throught resurrection.
“Tota pulchra es Maria” is a prayer referring to the Immaculate Conception. I have written this one for equal voices, reinforcing its pure heavenly feature.
Finally, “Ave Regina Caelorum” is an anthem depicting a radiant Virgin, root of the earth (”Salve radix”), in whom everything reborn. I have tried to express this splendor by a dynamic and playful music.”
Christopher GIBERT