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Trois motets à la vierge

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Trois motets à la vierge
Tota pulchra es (Christopher Gibert)
Nigra sum (Christopher Gibert)
Ave regina caelorum (Christopher Gibert)

These three motets are parts of a cycle of unaccompanied choral songs about Virgin Mary. “The motet ‘Nigra sum’ is a reference to The Song of Songs. The song is about the Virgin Mary’s pain facing Passion. But after darkness, a beauty came out. ‘Tota pulchra es Maria’ is a prayer about the Immaculate Conception. I composed with trying to reinforce the pure and celestial aspect of it. ‘Ave Regina Caelorum’ is an antiphony about Virgin Mary as an important figure of rebirth. I wanted to depict it with a dynamic and joyful writing.” Christopher Gibert

(Translated from French)