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Traditional from Senegal, SATB, Solo barytone, body percussions
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Wallaye, traditional blind beggars song from Senegal, arrangement by Julien Jouga (1931-2001)

This type of singing from Islam can be sung by blind beggars. This one is in Wolof dialect. You’ll need a great rhythmic adaptation, particularly when performing the verses. A soloist and the small choir can alternate with the big choir singing "Wallaye” in verses.

Julien Jouga was born on February 5th, 1931. He conducts the Senegalese Choir in Dakar, his warm personality helped to bridge cultures. He was named "Artists for Peace” in 1997 by the UNESCO for universal contribution. Julien Jouga was a soldier in Senegalese army, and then he was a chemist, a journalist, a radio host, and particularly a musician and a choral conductor (he recorded songs from Dakar Choir with Nicole Croisille). He passed away in 2004.

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