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Aube by Christopher Gibert is a secular cantata for double choir (children and adults) and wind band.
Alternating sung parts and parts for solo orchestra, the piece has 4 movements for a duration of about 25 minutes.
13.50 EUR

‘’Aube’’ by Christopher Gibert is a secular cantata for double choir (children and adults) and wind band : :

It is composed from a pastourelle "A la fontana del vergier" by the troubadour Marcabru, a native of Auvillar, who provides the literary framework of the work.
In addition, there is an excerpt from "Lo clar del temps vei brunezir" by rival troubadour Raimon Jordan, Viscount of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.
The theme of the desperate love of a beautiful woman who has lost her beloved is central and is punctuated by numerous references to nature, typical of the language of the troubadours of the 12th century.
Will the troubadour Marcabru obtain the courtesan’s favors ? Will she be soothed of the loss of her love through Marcabru's tender verses and Raimon Jordan's melancholy and passionate impulse? The place of the Occitan language is central in this work, it is the root of the culture of the territory that inspired it.
At the same time, French translations of the poems punctuate the work so as to ensure a good understanding of the story for non-Occitanists.

The pedagogical dimension of this work for 4 voices choir (SATB) is another strong axis which presided over the commissioning of the work.

Through the involvement of the choirs of the Tarn department and the Departmental Harmony Orchestra during the creation, it is the convergence of a common will and energy placed under the sign of contemporary creation and sharing.
While it is intended to be an original work that renews the contemporary choral repertoire, the attachment to traditional music, to the modal and classical heritage is clearly assumed under the composer's pen.
First performance planned by the Orchestre Départemental d'Harmonie du Tarn-et-Garonne and mixed 4-part choir on Saturday, April 25, 2021, conductor: Jérôme Lézian.
The orchestral part is accessible to musicians of approx. 6th to 8th grade of musical éducation. Equipment available for rent : contact us !