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Bleu, blanc, blues

Bleu, blanc, blues

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SMAB or SATB + piano or trio jazz - Nougaro / arr. P.-G. Verny
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A jazz waltz by Claude Nougaro (who not only wrote the music but also composed it, which is rare enough to be highlighted) arranged in the purest tradition of the Jazz Vocal collection with accompanying trio.

This arrangement for 4 mixed SMAB voices can easily be sung in SATB for choirs with a sufficient number of men's voices: just have the tenors sing the alto part, which they will simply read an octave higher.

Performance, play-backs and learning MP3 files for each voice available on the Album CD "Claude Nougaro : de Toulouse à Nougayork HERE.

The piano accompaniment is done in such a way that it can easily stand on its own, without the addition of double bass and drums. For the record, it's worth pointing out that this song, written in 1985, is sung by the author on his album, also entitled 'Bleu, Blanc, Blues'. Pierre-Gérard Verny's arrangement follows the interpretation of the original.

Duration : 2'07

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