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Éditions À Cœur Joie offers a varied choice of books about choral singing : musicology, choir music, humoristic studies  of a choir, handbook for choir conducting, singing technique manuals ... get our books at hand on your shelves, enjoy our choice online !

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Le geste musicien- Essai sur l’art de diriger la musique et les music

The first part of the book is a demystification...
18.00 EUR
Le huit et l'infini- Variations sur la 8ème Symphonie de Gustav Mahle

This is a collection of 7 versions of “Symphonie...
12.50 EUR
L'enseignement de l'harmonie

This work depicts a new way of learning harmony....
8.00 EUR
Les écoles de la musique divine

This is an important work on the history of...
42.50 EUR
Les répercussions humanistes sur le plain chant

Plainsong’s success and decline evolved with the...
10.50 EUR
Musique baroque

This book was created in partnership with the...
29.00 EUR
Musique vocale de la renaissance Italienne

This work was published by Jacques Viret with...
27.50 EUR
Oeuvres de César Geoffray

Nearly a thousand songs are gathered in this...
18.00 EUR
Petites mélodies pour le travail vocal du jeune chanteur - Élève

Student's book of this collection of 73 vocal...
7.00 EUR
Technique de la direction chorale

This book is an attempt to put in writing a...
11.00 EUR
Tous en choeur- 7 perceptions du chant choral amateur

Singing is a beautiful thing. A beautiful choral...
6.50 EUR
Un chemin pédagogique vers la polyphonie (Forum 19)

This is a training sheet music for children’s...
19.50 EUR