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Carnav'jazz des animaux - CD

Carnav'jazz des animaux - CD

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After Camille Saint-Saëns « Le carnaval des animaux », rewriting and arrangements by Pierre-Gérard VERNY. Contents : full performance + playbacks
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CD accompanying the musical tale for children's choir "Carnav'Jazz des animaux" by Pierre-Gérard Verny, based on the work of Camille Saint-Saëns:

King Lion, who fell in ecstasy as a child listening to the jazz bursts he heard when he passed Preservation Hall in New Orleans, has only had one dream since then: to open his own jazz club on the mythical 52nd Street in Manhattan.
Fate unexpectedly provides him with the necessary funds and he sets out in search of a jazz band that he dreams of being a big band.
He sends various animals of his acquaintance to set up his project (even if Reggaéléphant, the big boss of the milieu, imposes Siréna, his protégée, as a singer).
King Lion will also have to beware of a few pitfalls sown by jealous rivals, but it ends with the inauguration of the Carnav'Jazz Club of the Animals, all told by a first-person narrator (the pianist, the band leader) and punctuated by numerous dialogues.

Choral work for upper voices choir and jazz trio harmonized by Pierre-Gérard VERNY :

This CD allows to work individually or in small groups thanks to the very neat voice by voice files with the other tracks in background, but also tutti rehearsals with the playbacks and finally a global idea of the work with a complete realization. After the original work by Camille Saint-Saëns, original jazz arrangements by Pierre-Gérard Verny, for 2 parts children choir and instrumental jazz quartet.

Tracks list :
  • réalisations :
  • 1 Rêve de King Lion 2.47
    2 Branle-Bas samba des gallinacés 1.18
    3 Swing des Equidés sauvages 1.13
    4 Ballade d’une tortue mélancolique 2.43
    5 Reggaéléphant 2.16
    6 Bondi’salsa des Kangourous 1.06
    7 Jav’aquaswing au fi l de l’eau 2.04
    8 Valse nocturne des Baudets 2.00
    9 Virevoltes d’un coucou sans-gêne 1.59
    10 Fusion de plumes en choeur 1.36
    11 Pianiscats 2.43
    12 Paléo’samba 2.15
    13 Jazz’caress d’un col blanc au coeur de la nuit 2.36
    14 Que le Carnav’Jazz commence ! 3.08

  • Play-backs :
  • 15 Rêve de King Lion 2.46
    16 Branle-Bas samba des gallinacés 1.17
    17 Swing des Equidés sauvages 1.14
    18 Ballade d’une tortue mélancolique 2.42
    19 Reggaéléphant 2.15
    20 Bondi’salsa des Kangourous 1.06
    21 Jav’aquaswing au fi l de l’eau 2.04
    22 Valse nocturne des Baudets 1.59
    23 Virevoltes d'un coucou sans-gêne 2.00
    24 Fusions de plumes en choeur 1.36
    25 Pianiscats 2.44
    26 Paléo’samba 2.17
    27 Jazz’caress d’un col blanc au coeur de la nuit 2.36
    28 Que le Carnav’Jazz commence ! 3.10