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À propos d'animaux- CD
Et les phants (Sally Galet/ Sally Galet)
10.90 EUR
Boucle d'or- CD
The accompanying CD of this lovely one-act...
15.60 EUR
Ça déméjazz- CD

These 11 traditional jazz and gospel standards...
13.60 EUR
Cantate de la chauve souris - CD
This cantata for children voices and piano is...
14.60 EUR
Carmen in swing- CD

The news of Prosper MÉRIMÉE went around the...
15.60 EUR
Carnav'jazz des animaux - CD

After Camille Saint-Saëns « Le carnaval des animaux », rewriting and arrangements by Pierre-Gérard VERNY, Le Carnav’Jazz des Animaux, for 2 parts Children choir and jazz quartet

By revisiting the work of Camille Saint-Saëns " Le carnaval des animaux " (originally a purely instrumental work), with the addition of original lyrics, Pierre-Gérard VERNY led us to reappropriate this great classic of the XXth century in jazz styles. The texts are by Pierre-Gérard VERNY, Fanja RAHAJASON, Laure JAUBERT, Olivier HOUSER, and an thrilling libretto by Thierry PAUPE.
This CD allows to work individually or in small groups thanks to the very neat voice by voice files with the other tracks in background, but also tutti rehearsals with the playbacks and finally a global idea of the work with a complete realization.

After the original work by Camille Saint-Saëns, original jazz arrangements by Pierre-Gérard Verny, for 2 parts children choir and instrumental jazz quartet.


14.00 EUR