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Clément Janequin, quinze chansons à quatre voix mixtes

Clément Janequin, quinze chansons à quatre voix mixtes

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Clement Janequin selected works - Edited by Jacques Barbier
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Collection of fifteen songs by Clément Janequin for mixed-voice SATB a cappella choir, restored by Jacques Barbier.

This anthology, with each song available separately, will be of primary interest to choral conductors and singers in a practical and historically informed modern edition.

Clément Janequin, like Pierre Certon (c. 1510 -1572) and Claudin de Sermisy (c. 1490 - 1562), contributed to what we now call "la chanson parisienne": a printed song for four voices based on a short text that deals with all the common themes of the time, often homophonic, and whose declared aim is to entertain a social class that is well-informed by the practice of polyphonic singing. This intense production, more than 280 songs for Certon and 160 for Sermisy, will make their century the golden age of French song.

Even today, the life of Clément Janequin remains obscure and imprecise, in contrast to his work, which has been published many times since the sixteenth century. He was probably born in Châtellerault around 1485, and grew up in Poitou, Saintonge, or Bordeaux, where he began his musical career. Or sus, or sus" was in circulation from 1510 onwards, and the following songs were printed, attesting to his fame. His great descriptive panoramas, atypical in the chanson style, such as "La bataille de Marignan", "La chasse", "Le cacquet des femmes", "Le chant des oiseaux" or "Les cris de Paris" made him the master of the genre.


Editorial guidelines
  • Au joli jeu du pousse avant
  • Ce mois de mai
  • Celle qui vit
  • Il estoit une fillette
  • Il me suffit du temps passé
  • Il s’en va tard
  • La plus belle de la ville
  • Ma peine n’est pas grande
  • Martin menait son pourceau
  • Quand j’ai été quinze heures
  • Robin couché à même terre
  • Tétin refait plus blanc
  • Toutes les nuits
  • Un mari se voulant coucher
  • Vents hardis et légers