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partition chant chorale arrangement 2 voix

Discover our selection of musical collections and studies for choirs with mixed or equal voices proposed by our fellow editors, (minimum delivery time 2 to 3 weeks).

Éditions À Cœur Joie offers you a selection of great sacred or secular collections and studies arranged for choirs or vocal ensembles with mixed or equal voices.

They cover all levels of difficulty, are of all periods and styles, allowing you to find the choral score you need!

20th-Century French Art Songs

“Musique vocale française” is a series designed...
32.10 EUR
24 Italian Songs & Arias

This collection of carefully prepared recorded...
24.45 EUR
380 Basses et Chants Donnés Vol. 1B
380 Given Basses and Chants in ten books, for the...
9.25 EUR
380 Basses et Chants Donnés Vol. 2A
380 Given Basses and Chants in ten books, for the...
6.00 EUR
380 Basses et Chants Donnés Vol. 3A
380 Basses et chants donnés - Volume 3, Septièmes...
7.55 EUR
Anthologie de la chanson enfantine

Rounds, lullabies, nursery rhymes, canons,...
22.25 EUR
Arias for Mezzo-Soprano

"30 arias from the greatest opera composers,...
35.10 EUR
Arias for Soprano

31 arias from the greatest opera composers, for...
33.15 EUR
Atelier C04 - French'ment rock - Benoit Dubu
Scores for the workshop C04 "French'ment rock" -...
12.50 EUR
Atelier D01 - Rhythms and songs - Merzi Rajala
Scores for the workshop D01 "Rhythms and songs" -...
10.00 EUR
Atelier D04 - Experiencing Jazz Choir - Daniel Barke
Scores for workshop D04 "Experiencing Jazz Choir"...
17.00 EUR
Atelier L10 - We are one ! - Catherine Fender
Scores for the workshop L10 "We are one !" -...
15.00 EUR
Atelier L23 - Y'a d'la joie - Astryd Cottet
Scores for workshop L23 "Y'a d'la joie" -...
6.00 EUR
Barbershop Fun

"These great collections let men sing four-part...
24.70 EUR
Broadway Favorites - Women's Edition

"The Hal Leonard Vocal Sheet Music series is an...
30.30 EUR
Vocal score of the famous comic opera Carmen,...
42.65 EUR