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Collections for upper voices (Equal voices) : all your repertoire, handy.

Éditions À Cœur Joie is publishing a wide range of collections for equal voices choirs : You will find a cappella polyphonies for upper voices, andalso works with instrumental ensemble accompaniment,  or simply with organ or piano. Enjoy our exceptionnalrepertoire online with our collections for equal voices choirs !

The works are suitable for women or children voices. Follow our blog to stay updated with all the new musics we are publishing all year long.

For more advice on our collections for equal voices choirs, contact us we will be happy to guide you.

Are you looking for collections for mixed voices, or equal voices sheet music ? We can provide some too. Find your new program there !

9.70 EUR
10 nouveaux petits choeurs pour voix égales
Patrice Bernard was born in 1952, in Casablanca. He teaches at the Conservatoire à rayonnement regional in Paris. He composed many songs intended to be performed on stage, in a concert, on the radio and in movies. “De si jolies réclames” for mixed choir won a prize in Tours’ composition competition, in 1991. “La Muzaraigne” (CA 90) for mixed choirs was based on the text of “Contes drôlatique” by Honoré de Balzac. He set to music Andrée Chedid’s poem “Grammaire en fête” and he won the first prize in March 2003, in composition of unaccompanied composition for equal voices. He set to music Paul Éluard’s poem “Le château des pauvres” and Michelle Roustan’s poem “C’est si beau la terre.” He won the 2nd prize to the competition of instrumental accompaniment organized by À Coeur Joie and Éditions À Coeur Joie in partnership with the Ministry of Culture. The Éditions À Coeur Joie published other works by Patrice Bernard based on poems by Jacques Poitevin: a musical tale for the Epiphany entitled “La tunique de Raïcha” and 10 choral songs for equal voices.

20.80 EUR
Alberto Grau- Equal voices collection
Come and sing Alberto Grau's collection for equal voices: This collection of South American songs selected and harmonized by Alberto Grau children's choir or women's choir allows us to discover the richness of this repertoire.
13.40 EUR
Arc en ciel
This is a collection of 11 polyphonic songs composed by Jean Gauffriau for two and three equal voice choirs. Songs are based on beautiful poems from several eras.

18.20 EUR
Ca déméjazz- Full score
Pierre-Gérard Verny arranged these 11 famous songs of jazz and traditional gospel. They are intended to be performed by the children’s choir Ça Déméjazz which was conducted by Fanja Rahajason from 1999 to 2002. This choir was made of children from 9 to 11 who did not have an audition to be part of it. That’s why those songs can be performed by every child. A CD including the vocal version and instrumental version of the work and finger syncing versions when there is no instrumentists.