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De natura rerum canticum - partition complète

De natura rerum canticum - partition complète

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Cantata in 5 movements "De natura Rerum Canticum" (Nature's song) texts and musics by Daniel Bonnet. Texts in latin and french or latin and english.
Work for children or women choir, 2 voices with divisi, mezzo and soprano solo, piano and percussions.

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Discover the "De Natura Rerum Canticum" (Nature's Song) true Ode to the Land by Daniel Bonnet


This cantata in 5 movements was written with text and music by Daniel Bonnet.
The texts are in Latin and French or Latin and English.

Who is this magnificent score for?


Work for choir with 2 voices and children's divisi or women's choir, soprano and mezzo solo, piano and percussion.

  • 1st movement : the earth is beautiful
  • 2nd movement : the earth is delicate
  • 3rd movement : the earth is our home
  • 4th movement : the earth is ours
  • 5th movement : the earth is unique