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partition chant chorale arrangement 2 voix

Browse all our choir music works for Equal voices (upper voices)

Éditions À Cœur Joie at your side to find psheet music written or arranged for equal voices choirs : ancient music, classical, contemporary, jazz, traditionnal, Pop, etc. We are providing a comprehensive repertoire of equal voices pieces. Enjoy the online facilities : our equal voices sheet musicis available all the time thanks to our Print-on-Demand process !

Some of our music works will fit women choirs repertoire, other will be perfect for children choirs, we have some musics shaped for contests and festivals ...

Moreover, we publish new compositions and arrangements all year long, to keep you updated, register to our newsletter or visit our blog.

For more advice on our sheet music for equal voices groups, contact us we will be happy to answer.

Are you looking for mixed voices musics or collections for choirs ? Just have a look on what we have, and set your program !

Scores Choral Singing 3 Equal Voices

Scores Choral Singing 3 Equal Voices

Works for 3 equal voices, some for children choirs, others more adapted to women voices choirs.
Sacred and Profane works, from Middle-Age to Today's most prominent composers.

Scores Choral Singing for more than 3 Equal Voices

Scores Choral Singing for more than 3 Equal Voices

Choir music for 4 equal voices and more, for middle to advanced choirs. An eclectic repertoire, original musics, outstanding and young composers.