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Destino Patagonia

Destino Patagonia

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Cantata for SATB choir + piano ; latino instruments ad lib.
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Collection Destino Patagonia


Sergio Arriagada and Pablo Urquiza have collaborated to propose a new work (harmonized by Iris Thion-Poncet) for the group Los Calchakis, of which they are a member.
Destino Patagonia is a cantata that narrates the initiatory journey of the traveller that we all are.
With a thirst for change and renewal, the protagonist travels to Patagonia in search of a return to his roots. This process of introspection will make him discover a region, peoples, fauna and flora marked by history. Above all, this journey will open his eyes to the values that he had left behind. His love of the Earth and of life will spring forth as well.
Composed at the base for a reciter, soloists, a mixed choir and an instrumental ensemble (kéna, charango, guitar, bombo) this work can be accompanied by modern instruments such as flute, guitar or piano and percussion, for example.
Everyone is free to include the instruments they wish. The piano part and the chords are simple guides. The performers can also play excerpts from the work.
The seven pieces can be considered individually as an entity.

About the authors:

Pablo Urquiza :
Argentinian poet born in Córdoba, author, composer, the poetic universe of Pablo Urquiza expresses itself as much through music as through writing. Complete artist, poet and musician "from head to toe", he gives, by creating the "Collection Poems, Poemas" a dynamic and attaching presence in the middle of the poetry of the provinces of Argentina.
He is the author of most of the texts of the South American ensemble "Los Calchakis", a group of musicians and singers from South America (Argentina and Chile), created in 1960 by Héctor Miranda.
Specialized in the use of typical Andean instruments (Kena, Charango, Siku, etc.), they participate in the discovery and diffusion of Andean music in Europe after their settlement in France.
All singers and instrumentalists, they interpret arias from Argentinean, Bolivian, Peruvian folklore and from the entire Andes Cordillera.

Sergio Arriagada :
Born in Santiago de Chile. He studied classical guitar, solfeggio and harmony at the National Conservatory of the University of Chile. In 1967, he obtained a scholarship to study in France and continued his musical training at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. He studied the flute, analysis, writing and musical composition.
Interested in making the traditional music of Latin America known in France, he joined the South American ensemble "Los Calchakis" in 1969. At that time the Ensemble was composed of a trio. With this group he gave more than 2,500 international concerts in the world's largest theatres, and recorded more than forty-six discs. In 1971, with Los Calchakis, he won the "Charles Cros Prize" for the best foreign music disc. In 1972, he was awarded the "Loisir Jeunes" prize from the Ministry of Education for the best educational record.
He deceased on 16 August 2019 in Paris.

Iris Thion-Poncet :
During her musical studies, which she began with piano and choral singing, Iris Thion developed a real passion for choral conducting and joined the Maîtrise de Radio France. She also sang at the Madrigal de Paris conducted by Pierre Calmelet, as well as at the Madrigal de Lille.
Iris has conducted many choirs for various audiences (children, fragile audiences, amateurs, semi-professionals). She is regularly solicited for various projects as a choir conductor (workshops, courses, concerts, collaborations...)

  • Partida

  • Chamarrita del Glaciar

  • Gaiman

  • Los Olvidados

  • El Gatito Patagón

  • Cabo de Hornos

  • Madre Patagonia

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