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Los calchakis en choeur

Los calchakis en choeur

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This is a collection of choir songs based on Latin American popular tradition. This popular repertoire was spread by oral tradition, that’s why choices of tempos, rubatos, touches, accompaniments, drums, onomatopoeias and size of choirs are free. Every note is just suggestions. It can also be performed without any instrumental accompaniment.

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Collection Los Calchakis en Choeur


This collection is the result of a collaboration between Iris Thion-Poncet and Sergio Arriagada (leader and member of Los Calchakis).
It brings together ten arrangements for solo choir of music from popular tradition and Latin American composers. These pieces are part of the sung repertoire of the famous group Los Calchakis.
Some pieces were also composed for the occasion by Sergio Arriagada on original lyrics by Hector Miranda (founder of the group) and Pablo Urquiza (member of the group and poet).
As this music is spread by oral transmission, the performer has a great freedom in the choice of tempos, rubatos, nuances, accompaniments, percussion, onomatopoeia and numbers.
All indications of this kind are only proposals, knowing all the same that each piece works a cappella.

About the arrangers:

Iris Thion-Poncet :
Franco-Swiss choral conductor, holds a Master's degree in choral conducting from the Haute École de Musique de Genève. Her diverse musical background includes in-depth studies in conducting, composition and musicology, as well as three years with the Maîtrise de Radio France.
Curious and open to all repertoires, Iris has a passion for new concert forms and a keen interest in multidisciplinarity and creation. This innovative approach is reflected in her activities as a performer, composer and arranger.
As a choral conductor, she devotes her time to the musical and artistic direction of the Ensemble Entresilences, to training courses, to educational activities at the Opéra-Comique, to concerts in France and abroad, and to assisting choral conductors such as Léo Warynski and Mathieu Romano.
His compositions are characterized by a poetic sensibility and a bold exploration of vocal and instrumental textures. Her previous works include the setting of Éluard's Trois poèmes for equal voices, as well as other pieces such as Cette ligne, une fraction, for soprano, flute, clarinets and marimba, based on a poem by Pablo Urquiza. She is also the author of the musical tale La Visite au Château, featuring two sopranos, a baritone, two children's choirs and a string quartet, premiered in 2015.
As an arranger, she has worked on several projects, including Les Mistinguettes, arrangements for three equal voices of eight 1920s hits, as well as Destino Patagonia, a cantata for narrator, mixed choir, soloists and Latin American instrumental ensemble, and Los Calchakis en chœur e, both in collaboration with composer Sergio Arriagada and poet Pablo Urquiza.
Since 2022, Iris has been appointed lecturer in choral conducting technique at the HEM in Geneva, and is responsible for the choral conducting curriculum at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental in Le Havre.
In addition, Iris Thion-Poncet explores and specializes in the world of opera, becoming a member of the Académie de l'Opéra-Comique for the 2023-2024 season, thus testifying to her attachment to the lyric art. She is a laureate of the Fondation Royaumont.
For further information on her projects and activities, please contact her via her website or by e-mail at

Sergio Arriagada :
Born in Santiago de Chile. He studied classical guitar, music theory and harmony at the National Conservatory of the University of Chile. In 1967, he obtained a scholarship to study in France and continued his musical training at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. He studied the flute, analysis, writing and musical composition.
Interested in making the traditional music of Latin America known in France, he joined the South American ensemble "Los Calchakis" in 1969. At that time the Ensemble was composed of a trio. With this group he gave more than 2,500 international concerts in the world's largest theatres, and recorded more than forty-six discs. In 1971, with Los Calchakis, he won the "Charles Cros Prize" for the best foreign music disc. In 1972, he was awarded the "Loisir Jeunes" prize from the Ministry of Education for the best educational record.
He deceased on 16 August 2019 in Paris.

  • Mi quiaqueñita ( Traditionnel/ Paroles : Hector Miranda)

  • Blanca palomita (Paroles et musique : Ariel Breitembuch )

  • Corazon sonkoiman ( Traditionnel/ Paroles : Pablo Urquiza)

  • Canto a Cuba (Paroles : Hector Miranda/ Iris Thion-Poncet )

  • El amor perdido (Paroles : Pablo Urquiza )

  • Carnaval y navidad (Paroles : Hector Miranda )
  • Naranjitay ( Traditionnel)

  • Canta el rondador (Paroles : Hector Miranda)
  • Milonga por vos (Paroles : Pablo Urquiza)

  • Buenos Aires, mis recuerdos (Paroles : Pablo Urquiza)

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