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Diaphonia 3- Le llibre vermell de Montserrat

Diaphonia 3- Le llibre vermell de Montserrat

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Diaphonia 3 - Le Llibre vermell de Montserrat by Jacques Viret

A book and an exceptional document with restitutions and facsimiles (in full color) Le "Llibre Vermell de Montserrat" edited by Jacques VIRET.
This volume is devoted to Montserrat's famous "Llibre Vermell"; all 10 works in their modern renditions, accompanied by color facsimiles.
The Llibre Vermell, or "Vermeil Book", is the pilgrimage book compiled shortly before 1400 by the monks of the Abbey of Montserrat in Catalonia, where a miraculous statue of the Virgin drew daily throngs of worshippers.
Unearthed more than a century ago, it became famous thanks to a few songs that served as pious entertainment for pilgrims.
This exquisite jewel of medieval music is ideally suited to "initiate" novice choristers or listeners.

10 polyphonic scores with commentary.

Content :

  • O Virgo splendens (Canon A 2 Ou 3 Voix) 
  • Stella splendens 
  • Laudemus Virginem / Splendens ceptigera 
  • Los set gotxs recomptarem
  • Cuncti simus / O Virgo Splendens
  • Polorum Regina 
  • Mariam matrem
  • Inperayritz / Verges ses par 
  • Ad mortem festinamus
  • Mariam matrem (Bis)
  • Inperayritz / Verges ses par (Bis)