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Due canzonette - Orologio

Due canzonette - Orologio

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Deux petites chansons by Alessandro OROLOGIO, in a restitution by Jacques BARBIER.
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Transcribed from early music manuscripts by Jacques Barbier, original composition by Alessandro Orologio (ca. 1555-1633)

Alessandro Orologio (ca. 1555-1633) was a contemporary of Claudio Monteverdi and like him delivered several books of madrigals. A cornet player, he made his career mainly in Prague and in the Holy German Empire. In this capacity, he published Intradae, instrumental pieces of a new genre at the time and intended for wind ensembles. From the two books of Canzonette published in Venice at the very end of the century (1593 and 1594), Occhi vaghi e leggiadri as well as Donna gentil take up the stereotypes of a very fashionable genre then: a light, lively and airy music aiming at the recreation of these new dilettanti, amateur musicians wishing to be entertained by short poetic texts of Petrarquist inspiration.


  • Donna gentil
  • Occhi vaghi