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Enchantement 1

Enchantement 1

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This collection collects musical creations for school choirs or for groups of children from 7 to 12 years old, without excluding younger choristers.
- a work like “Par enchantement” is a “fantasy” which is suitable for all ages.
These pieces were awarded at the Children's song creation competition organized by the “Music for Young People in Hainaut” (France),
in partnership with Éditions À Coeur Joie.
All are quality original composition in three categories:
• cannons
• melodies
• songs for 2 equal voices.
The repertoire of young choristers must constantly be enriched. A Coeur Joie is committed to it: its collections (Cantourel, Ma chanterie, Florilège, Polymélodies ...) are testifying. Here is another initiative: it was accomplished by the “Music for Young People in Hainaut” Association, chaired by Pierre Leduque, himself choir director.
The song translates thoughts, events, emotions that we all experience. Children in their games, their dreams, often express themselves by singing, never stop and draw from a directory that exists or that they create. The role of the educator is to carry this spontaneous expression through the beautiful
and towards the beautiful: hence the controlled vocal expression, that of
canons, polyphonies, compositions.
Many composers have entered this Creation competition which allows today the edition of award-winning works. These works are appllaused in schools, but they will certainly overflow the schoolyards to get into life. Some will perhaps have the fate of the heritage by remaining in the memories. Their qualities for it are found as well in the music than in the texts, and the link in between. This beautiful collection bears the name of one of the songs: "enchantment". You can discover the many other volumes of the collection.

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Songbook of 9 canons, melodies and works for 2 children voices

This collection gathers musical creations for school choirs or children's groups aged 7 to 12, without excluding less young choristers - a work like "Par enchantement" is a "fantasy" suitable for all ages.
À Coeur Joie has always been committed to enriching the repertoire sung by young people and children: its collections (Cantourel, Ma chanterie, Florilège, Polymélodies...) bear witness to this.
Here's a new initiative from the Association "Musique pour les Jeunes en Hainaut", chaired by Pierre Leduque, himself a choral conductor.
Singing expresses the thoughts, events and emotions we experience. In their games and dreams, children often express these through song, and they are constantly drawing on a repertoire that exists or that they create.
The role of the educator is to bring this spontaneous expression to life through beauty and towards beauty: hence the mastery of vocal expression, through canons, polyphonies and compositions.
Many composers have taken part in this creative competition, and today the winning works are published.
These works will be performed in schools, initially in the Valenciennes region. Then they will certainly go beyond the schoolyards and into life. Some of them may even become part of our heritage and live on in our memories. For that, we need the quality of their realization, a quality that is found in the texts and music selected and offered in this lovely collection, which bears the name of one of the songs: "enchantement".

10 high-quality creations in three categories: canons, melodies and works for 2 equal children's voices (SA).

  • Canons
    • Mais où est donc Ornicar (Francine Dubettier / Pierre Satieli) – 1er prix
    • Puis ça, puis là (Charles d’Orléans/ Patrice Bernard) – 2ème prix
    • L’escargot (Pierre Bigot) – Mention
  • Melodies
    • Le Vent m'a dit (Patrice Bernard/Michelle Roustan) – 1er prix
    • Souris blanche et souris bleue (Didier-Marc Garin/Claude Roy) – 2ème prix
    • Chanson folle (Jean Jourdan) – Mention
  • 2 Parts songs
    • Un'note à L'endroit un'note à l'envers (Pierre-Gilles Amiot) – 1er prix
    • T'as pas ta tête à toi ! (Pascal Bouvet)– – 2ème prix
    • Par enchantement (Antoine Dubois) – Mention

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