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Equal voices

Booklets for equal voices - children or women voices choirs.
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10 nouveaux petits choeurs pour voix égalesVoici les choses de la vie (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
Coquelicot (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
Mes chats (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
Petit orme (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
À tire-d'aile (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
L’escargot à plumes (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
S’il vous plaît (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
Allô (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
La pie, le prince et le pinson (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
La goutte d'eau (Patrice Bernard/ Jacques Poitevin)
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Alberto Grau- Equal voices collectionComposer and choral conductor Alberto GRAU (born in 1937) is recognized as one of Venezuela’s most influential contemporary musicians. Known for his career as a choral conductor, GRAU has become a leading composer of choral music in Latin America. A number of his works have been printed by major publishing houses in the United States, England, Venezuela and France. Alberto GRAU has studied under the direction of the most prominent Venezuelan musicians and has received numerous awards for his choral works. He is the founder of the the Orfeón Universitario Simón Bolívar and the Schola Cantorum de Venezuela, which received First Prize in the « Guido D’Arezzo » competition in Italy in 1974. He has been a professor of choral music for over 30 years, at the University Institute of Musical Studies and the Simón Bolívar University in Caracas. He was vice-president of the International Choral Music Federation from 1982 to 1996.Alberto GRAU is currently active in pedagogical projects which are changing the lives of thousands of youth in Latin America : Construir Cantando (Building Through Singing), Music for Social Action and the Andean Youth Choral Project.
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Ca déméjazz- Full scoreL'homme blanc dans l'église noire (Gérard Bernard/ Frank Gerald/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Jésus (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Rock my soul (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
La chanson de Phélès (Pierre-Gérard Verny/ Frédéric Smektala)
O happy day (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Glory glory (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Rag mop (Johnny Lee Wills/ Deacon Anderson/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Être un homme comme vous (Richard Sherman/ Robert Sherman/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Tout le monde veut devenir un cat (Al Rinker/ Floyd Huddleston/ Pierre-Gérard Verny )
This little light of mine (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
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Cantilènes 1Rossignol qui va en France (Lucien Jean-Baptiste )
Mais à présent (César Geoffray )
C'est le mai (César Geoffray )
Bel été (John Fornsete/ César Geoffray)
Ronde de carnaval (Marcel Corneloup )
Ruth (Roland Blum/ Roland Blum/ Lucien Jean-Baptiste )
J'ai planté un rosier (Etienne Daniel)
Le soleil s'est levé (Etienne Daniel)
Lou berdure (Marcel Corneloup )
Roussignoulet (César Geoffray )