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Florilège 1

Florilège 1

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This is a collection of choral classics the major part of which was composed or arranged by César Geoffray. The others were composed by artists like Marcel Corneloup, Jean Bouvard, Guy Plettener, A. Perez-Moya, Philippe Caillard, Robert Houette, Heniz Lau, and Kremer.

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Discover the 1st opus of the Florilège series, 26 polyphonies (and 2 canons) essential to any repertoire...

This collection is an "anthology" of "proven" songs that have become, in a way, "classics" of the choral repertoire.
Composed for the most part by César Geoffray, you will also find works by Marcel Corneloup, Jean Bouvard, Guy Plettener, A. Perez-Moya, Philippe Caillard, Robert Houette, Heinz Lau, Kremer...

César Geoffray tell us :

« …There are the very first ones, those that helped start the French Scouting Choirs, around 1941-42.
In addition to these, there are the ones that were discovered during the new activities, the first training courses, the timid regional gatherings and the large choirs that followed...
These pieces of music fairly accurately describe what we are: an association of popular choirs, which offers itself to young people without preparation and, of course, without pretension!...
May this little collection help to show them the way, like each of its pieces, which helped to spread us . »

Content :
  • O ma belle Aurore (César Geoffray / Léon-Robert Brice )
  • J'ai mon cœur à mon aise (Alfred Herzog/ César Geoffray )
  • Sont les filles de la Rochelle (Ronald Watson/ César Geoffray )
  • Clair matin (César Geoffray/ Louis Simon)
  • Chant des marais (César Geoffray )
  • Amitié-liberté ( Populaire/ César Geoffray )
  • Le bateau qui s'endort (Populaire/ César Geoffray )
  • La bohème ( Doncœur/ César Geoffray )
  • La bien-aimée (César Geoffray/ Jean Fallaix)
  • Hirvoudou (César Geoffray)
  • Ya se van los pastores (Roger Calmel/ César Geoffray )
  • O Sari Mares(César Geoffray)
  • Berceuse polonaise ( De Neyman/ Jean Bouvard )
  • La violette doublera (Joseph Samson )
  • Vagabondages (Marcel Corneloup)
  • Bring Back (César Geoffray/ Georges Prost )
  • Sur la route de Montpellier (Clemens Kremer )
  • Tourdion (Pierre Attaignant)
  • Viens t'en (Heinz Lau/César Geoffray )
  • Sur la route dure (Francine Cockenpot/ Philippe Caillard )
  • La route est longue (Francine Cockenpot/ Robert Houette )
  • La fille du labouroux (César Geoffray )
  • Le petit moulin (Marcel Corneloup )
  • Cloches sur cloches (César Geoffray/ Antoni Perez Moya )
  • À la claire fontaine (Guy Plettener )
  • La belle fille (César Geoffray/ Louis Simon)
  • O musica (Gottfried Wolters/ César Geoffray)
  • Fa La La (Jens Rohwer/ César Geoffray)