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Novelty! Come and discover Goethe's Heidenröslein harmonized by Dominique Plénat for mixed three-voice choir.
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Novelty! Come and discover Heidenröslein harmonized by Dominique Plénat for three mixed voices :

In his collection "Die Sessenheimer Lieder" Goethe evokes the love he felt for Frédérique Brion, the daughter of the pastor of Sessenheim, in Alsace, where he had come to study law." Heidenröslein", the most famous poem in this collection, inspired Schubert to make a luminous lied for solo voice and piano.
For his part, Heinrich Werner (1800-1833) illustrated it with a sweet melody, which fits marvellously to this story of a love, all things considered, impossible because roses, alas! have thorns ...

Dominique Plénat proposes :

A harmonization for three mixed voices, evident in its simplicity.
Its homorhythmic treatment highlights the phrasing of the German text, already so musical by itself.
This harmonization, very classical in its conception, is quickly decipherable, even by inexperienced readers.
It is a short work, therefore quickly learned and immediately pleasing to the audience, who immediately recognize a familiar melody.
It has its place in a romantic repertoire.

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