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Hello - choeur seul

Hello - choeur seul

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For SAB choir, transcription Olivier Bilquin. Sung by Yannick Noah and Asa.
4.35 EUR

Pop song by Jacques Veneruso, co-arranged by Christophe Battaglia, transcription for three mixed voices choir and piano by Olivier BILQUIN.

Performed as a duet by Yannick Noah and the Nigerian singer Asa, the song Hello advocates tolerance, fraternity, welcome.

Choir transcription by Olivier Bilquin for 3 mixed voices (SAB)

This transcription offers the opportunity for each singer to develop a melodic feeling, alternating passages sometimes muffled, sometimes more dazzling, mixing a few English sentences with French lyrics.

Choir only part : the choir + piano part is available HERE.

Performance approx. : 3’50’’
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