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Medley Renaud

Medley Renaud

(Code: A121900455)

This medley is composed of several extracts of Renaud’s greatest hits from 1980 to 2002.
It was arranged for three mixed voices accompanied on the piano. Feelings and atmosphere are not the same from one song to another. It can be performed by every choir. It was thought for every extracts to be non-stop as the audience would not be weary. It approximately lasts 9.30 minutes.

15.10 EUR

Come and revisit RENAUD's songs through this medley transcribed for choir 3 mixed voices and piano by Olivier Bilquin :

This medley covers some excerpts from some of Renaud's greatest hits, from 1980 to 2002.

The arrangement is designed so that excerpts of the songs follow one another, leaving no room for audience fatigue.

Harmonized for 3 mixed voices (SAB) and piano, this score varies the emotions and musical ambiances and is suitable for all choirs.

Duration: 9'30''

Content :
  • Dr Renaud, Mr Renard (Jean-Pierre Bucolo/ Renaud Sechan)
  • Doudou s'en fout (Renaud Sechan)
  • C’est quand qu’on va où (Julien Clerc/ Renaud Sechan)
  • Mistral gagnant (Renaud Sechan)
  • Morgane de toi (Henri Langloff/ Renaud Sechan)
  • Le petit chat est mort (Jean-Louis Roques/ Renaud Sechan)
  • Les aventures de Gérard Lambert (Alain Ranval/ Renaud Sechan)
  • Dès que le vent soufflera (Renaud Sechan)