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Jazz n' Faust- 2 CD

Jazz n' Faust- 2 CD

(Code: A159200002)
Opéra in 5 acts for SA or SAH choir, soloists and jazz trio, libretto by Frédéric SMEKTALA after GOETHE, music Pierre-Gérard VERNY
30.00 EUR
Thoses 2 CD are useful complements to the score of the opera "Jazz n'Faust".
Those recordings were thought and made as tools and ressource for the choir conductor and his singers.
  • For all, the full vocal and instrumental production of the opera (CD1).
  • A play-back allows the group to accompany itself in rehearsal or even in concert if there is no instrumentalists (jazz trio) (CD2).
  • For each singer: the separated voices files are available (CD2).

  • Narrator excerpts (beginning)
  • Où est ma vie ?
  • Le contrat
  • L'arrivée chez Margot
  • L'ambition
  • Le duel
  • L'issue
  • Au-delà des lois
  • Sur le chemin du ciel
Play-backs :
  • Example of play-back file (Où est ma vie ?)
  • Example of play-back with soloists (Où est ma vie ?)
Separated Voices:
  • Example of separated voice file (voice 2 / alto or mezzo : Où est ma vie ?)
  • Example of separated voice file (voice 3 / men or alti : Où est ma vie ?)