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Jesu meine freude - SAB - Extr. Oser ... le baroque

Jesu meine freude - SAB - Extr. Oser ... le baroque

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SAB A Cappella arrangement Pierre Calmelet, Bach BWV 227 -  Label "Chant des séniors"

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Arrangement for SAB a cappella choir by Pierre Calmelet, original Bach BWV 227, 1st movement.

Jesu, meine Freude is a motet composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. The work is based on a poem by Johann Franck, and its main melody on a hymn (in this case a choral) of the same name by Johann Crüger. The verses (8:1-2, 9-11) from the Epistle to the Romans are used alternately with the hymn, one text responding to the other. The music serves the text, often illustrating it figuratively and inventively.
Although recent research suggests that the work was composed and constructed at several different times, the whole forms a very coherent structure with a perfectly symmetrical overall architecture.
This motet is the oldest and most complex of Johann Sebastian Bach's motets, and one of the best known and performed. (Wikipedia)

 Label "Chant des séniors"