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Le coeur des gens/ Gaudeamus hodie

Le coeur des gens/ Gaudeamus hodie

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3-parts Canon with instruments - Daniel Beaume (1945-)
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Text and Music by Daniel Beaume, 3 parts Canon with instrumental accompaniment ad lib

The accompaniment to this canon is written on a "three for two" rhythmic formula, common in some South American music, for example. It can be interesting to make choristers aware of this rhythm by teaching them to play it with body percussion. For example, one hand strikes the three beats on the chest, the other strikes the two beats on the thigh. It can also be transposed to percussion instruments. In all cases, the nature of this rhythmic motif is best revealed if the hand making the dotted quarter notes has a clear, dry sound, like "tak", and the hand making the quarter notes a duller, more muted sound, like "doum". 
The piano accompaniment, which plays freely on this rhythmic motif, can help set up the canon.

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As a bonus, "Gaudeamus hodie" by Rainer Butz.

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