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Le jardin des chansons enfantines - vol. 3 - La mer

Le jardin des chansons enfantines - vol. 3 - La mer

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Traditional sea shanties in french - songbook 1 or 2 Voices + Piano

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Songbook Le jardin des chansons enfantines - vol. 3 – The sea


A selection of traditional sailor songs, harmonized in two equal voices for children by Olivier Geoffroy, with piano accompaniment to facilitate learning and performance.
Olivier GEOFFROY, associate professor of music education and organist, studied writing at the Conservatoire de Nancy. He has already published harmonisations of popular and variety songs, liturgical pieces and organ pieces.

These songs are harmonized for all types of children's choirs :

This collection will find its place in elementary schools, music schools or even at home to share good times with the family.
Stemming from our heritage, the melodies regain youth and a lot of energy thanks to a very simple polyphony within the reach of beginner singers.

Content :
  • Maman, les p’tits bateaux
  • Il était un petit navire
  • Pique la baleine
  • C’était un petit matelot
  • L’orphéoniste
  • Les gars de la Rochelle
  • Sont les filles de la Rochelle
  • Les trois marins de Groix
  • Le port de tacoma
  • Adieu, foulards