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Enfantines - 15 chansons

Enfantines - 15 chansons

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15 children traditional with piano - for family fun and music practice for choirs and school - in french
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Collection of 15 children's songs harmonized by Pierre Pincemaille :

For his three children, Claire, Marc and Éric, born between 1992 and 1996, Pierre Pincemaille harmonized with great tenderness 15 children's songs inherited from the popular tradition.

Anne-France Pincemaille tells us :

On Sundays, after the family meal, he would sit at the piano, leaf through the collection and choose a nursery rhyme (for the quality of its musical theme) which he would hasten to adorn with beautiful Faurélian and Raveli harmonies. Pencil and eraser in hand, he would take up his score again the following days, to bring in more and more harmonic richness, canons, imitations, of which he had the secret.
Deliberately moving away from any harmonic mediocrity, often reserved for these popular nursery rhymes, Pierre Pincemaille puts all his art as a harmonist and colourist at the service of a diversity of characters, affirmed by the terms indicated at the beginning of the score: successively lullaby, vigorous, martial, mischievous, ingenuous, dreamy...
The lyrics of Les Enfantines are the result of a bias: in order to facilitate the implementation of the songs, the number of verses had to be limited, avoiding cover versions - a little tedious nowadays where one should no longer "waste one's time" - while maintaining the coherence of the sung story.
Because of the oral tradition, the versions differ.
The performer will be free to use other words and, if he or she wishes, to make a longer story out of them...
Les Enfantines are 1 to 2 minutes long each.

Contents :
  • Gentil coq’licot
  • Arlequin
  • La boulangère
  • Le petit chasseur
  • Compère Guilleri
  • Trois jeunes tambours
  • Savez-vous planter les choux ?
  • Cadet Rousselle
  • La bonne aventure
  • Margoton
  • À la claire fontaine
  • Plantons la vigne
  • Ah ! Mon beau château
  • Le vent frivolant
  • Monsieur La Palisse