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Les inattendus

Les inattendus

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Cycle of pieces for amateur women choir - poems by: Florence Pazzottu, Kathleen Raine, Louise de Vilmorin, Andrée Chédid
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Discover Les Inattendus a cycle of pieces for amateur women's choir


The poems that Lionel Ginoux has set to music are by authors: Florence Pazzottu, Kathleen Raine, Louise de Vilmorin and Andrée Chédid.
It is a cycle commissioned by the choir La Belle Equipe and therefore written especially for this choir.
With this cycle, the idea was to conceive short pieces that could be performed one after the other or   separately. For the composition, it started from their vocal level and their repertoire.

Lionel Ginoux explains


"I found it interesting to draw inspiration from their work to start my own. I adopted a varied and contrasted writing style. I appealed to crossovers in musical aesthetics. Popular melodies meet more complex harmonies, noise meets consonant chords. The rhythm is very present as well as the spoken words ... One of the constraints I was given was that the scores had to be learned by heart. So I worked on this idea of how to write creative music that can be easily remembered... "

  • Les attendus
    1. - Un enfant
    2. - Le rythme
    3. - Le rire
    4. - Le corps
    5. - L’éclair
  • Une femme à son amant
  • Passionnément
  • Épreuves du langage
    1. - N°1
    2. - N°2
    3. - N°3
    4. - N°4
    5. - N°5
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