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Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, I don’t know…

Maybe today, or maybe tomorrow, I don’t know…
LE TANGO CORSE (Corsican tango)

We need to take some time. Wait, working? Ok,but slow down. How about resting or taking a nap, then playing some music? Yes,ok but turn it down. Shall we dance? Hell, yeah! But please, be careful to therhythm.

Anyway, this song is a representation ofthe Corsican way of life. It was made famous by Fernandel and Chanson PlusBifluorée. I know, it’s a little bit cliché, isn’t it?

Anyway, this arrangement reinforces thestereotype. Just a little bit. Basses echo their nearby desks’ notes and alsoperform their regular part. The main melody is equally split between the threeother voices.

Keep singing, but never get tired.

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