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Mozart à Lyon

Mozart à Lyon

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“Mozart à Lyon” is a sheet music about tableware. Singers and audiences have enjoyed it since 1991. John Allison’s text about cooking is set to music by Roger Miller for standard mixed choirs. This is a way of creating a new version of the first movement of “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” for a wider audience.
This is a delicious sheet music to enjoy.

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Mozart in Lyon, superb text by John Allison, arranged for 4 mixed voices choir by Roger Miller :

An essential ingredient in any concert program devoted to the arts of the table, Mozart in Lyon has been delighting singers and listeners since 1991.
This score combines the crispness of a culinary text by John Allison with the discretion of an arrangement for four mixed voices by Roger Miller in order to transmit in a new form, and to an increasingly large audience, the first movement of "Eine kleine Nachtmusik” ,a masterpiece by the famous Austrian composer.
The vocal realization scrupulously respects the original score for string instruments, with a large cut and a few octave adjustments.
As for the lyrics, here we are plunged in the heart of a festive meal in Lyon, whose variety of choices presented keeps us in suspense from the beginning, where we hear the sound of the cork being joyfully removed from the bottle, to the final affirmation: "delicious, yes, it was really delicious".

How could one not succumb to the temptation of this experience which brings this treasure of chamber music out of the 18th century Viennese salons and into the repertoire of French-speaking choirs from all over the world today?

Aware that alcohol abuse is harmful to your health, we formally advise you not to taste the ten Beaujolais crus during the same meal, except possibly in homeopathic quantities.
Moreover, the mention of the Norman hole may displease some people. Nevertheless, we take the liberty of suggesting that, positioned just before the tripe (the sapper's apron) and the steamed kidneys, this "doctor's drop" can be a useful piece of advice, although it is reserved for consenting adults!

Good tasting in any case... even without the alcohol... if you really insist?
John Allison
Roger Miller

Lyon, December 2018

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