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Photo de classe - CD

Photo de classe - CD

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For unison children's choir and piano, music by Jean-Claude Wilkens, texts by Sylvie Morerod, arrangements by Herv Noirot, Contents : full performance
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CD realisation of  Photo de classe - music by Jean-Claude Wilkens, texts by Sylvie Morerod, arrangements by Hervé Noirot


A series of 12 portraits of children at school, covering a wide range of everyday subjects.

With Photo de classe, the first collaboration between Sylvie Morerod (text) and Jean-Claude Wilkens (music), Éditions Cur Joie invites 5-12 year-olds to discover the characters of 12 pupils from the same class. They'll get to know Victoire, Roméo, Mehdi and the others through little moments of life taken on the spot...
With their alternately cheerful and gentle melodies, and lyrics tinged with humor and whimsy, these 12 original songs reveal beautiful stories of friendship and sharing, beyond differences and prejudices.
These recordings were made in partnership with the Conservatoire de Vichy and students from Jol Jorda's class. Many thanks to Mathilde Auger for her voice, Hervé Noirot for piano and Marc Simon for sound engineering.

Photo de classe, compositions by Jean-Claude Wilkens on texts by Sylvie Morerod.


  • Victoire (2'01'')
  • Roméo (1'48'')
  • Louna (1'55'')
  • Charles-Louis-Édouard (1'36'')
  • Agathe (0'52'')
  • Eliott (2'39'')
  • Morgane (1'11'')
  • Dimitri (2'40'')
  • Zora (1'30'')
  • Mehdi (1'17'')
  • Adélie (2'48'')
  • Jules (1'11'')

Durée totale : 20 25 minutes environ

Total running time: 20 to 25 minutes approx.

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