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Polyphonies Corses

Polyphonies Corses

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A songbook of 12 corsican polyphonies. A monument of the world choral heritage.
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12 gorgeous corsican a cappella polyphonies, worked on with passion by Thomas Moreau.

Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in this repertoire, sacred and secular pieces that conquer the audience every time.

Pieces for mixed choir and 3 pieces for men choir..

Arranged by Thomas Moreau, here are 12 Corsican songs, polyphonies and monodies, adapted for mixed choir (8 pieces), male choir (3 pieces) and female choir (1 piece). Taking up traditional themes, the writing is worked out in order to develop the possibilities offered by the choir around the original music. Translation of the songs and pronunciation of the Corsican are also indicated, preceded by a foreword describing Corsican music and its treatment by the arranger.


Sommaire :

  • Paghjella (TBarB divisi)
  • Canti di a partenza (SATB divisi)
  • Di tondu a u Requiem (EnfSATBARB divisi)
  • A la fiera di San Francè (SATB divisi)
  • Bellu Zighizon (SATB div.)
  • Eramu in campu (SATBarB div.)
  • Lamentu d’Antuninu l’Ulmisgianu (TTBarBBB)
  • Lisa bedda (SATB div.)
  • L’addisperu amurosu (SATB div.)
  • Zilimbrina di Vicu (SSAA)
  • A morra cantata (SATB div.)
  • Dio vi salvi Regina (TBarBarBBB)