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Portraits du passé - Héritiers du futur - Chœur

Portraits du passé - Héritiers du futur - Chœur

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The score for choir members - available in 20 copies minimum. To purchase a single copy, see the Choir and Piano Edition.
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Texts and musics Sally Galet.

This album gathers songs from two commissions, hence the double title. Everyone is free to choose from this repertoire, or to opt for the complete performance of either Portraits of the Past or Heirs of the Future. Each piece has its own orchestration: Cycle 3 orchestra for Portraits of the Past and Cycle 2 and 3 symphony orchestra for Heirs of the Future.
Sally Galet offers us a grandiose historical fresco, a very beautiful project for music schools and conservatories. The choirs can also take it over thanks to the choir and piano version. Each of the 12 pieces can be played separately, either to pay tribute to one of the characters, or to delimit an era or a geographical space, or to respond to a particular theme.
The possibilities are multiple and this work with variable geometry seduces both the performers and the audience.

This format is choir only for the singers. Available from 20 copies minimum. For unitary orders, check the choir and piano format or contact us.
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