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Alors on chante?

Alors on chante?

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Alors on Chante... nine of Stromae's most famous songs, from "Formidable" to "Tous les mêmes"... Arranged for 4 mixed voices choir (SATB) and piano by Brice Legée and Mathieu le Nestour for the 2016 Choralies.
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Alors on Chante ? 9 songs by Stromae arranged for 4 mixed voices choir by Brice Legée and Mathieu le Nestour


Some of Stromae's most famous songs arranged for mixed voices (SATB) and piano which were the highlights of the 2016 Choralies.

Content :
  • Ave Cesaria ( Stromae/ Orelsan / Brice Legee)
  • Bâtard ( Stromae/ Thomas Azier / Brice Legee)
  • Formidable ( Stromae/ Lionel Capouillez / Brice Legee)
  • Moules frites ( Stromae/ Brice Legee)
  • Papaoutai ( Stromae/ Papa Dizzy / Brice Legee / Aron Ottignon)
  • Peace or violence ( Stromae/ Brice Legee)
  • Rail de musique ( Stromae/ Brice Legee)
  • Sommeil ( Stromae/ Mathieu Le Nestour)
  • Tous les mêmes ( Stromae/ Stromae/ Mathieu Le Nestour)