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Collections for upper voices (Equal voices) : all your repertoire, handy.

Éditions À Cœur Joie is publishing a wide range of collections for equal voices choirs : You will find a cappella polyphonies for upper voices, andalso works with instrumental ensemble accompaniment,  or simply with organ or piano. Enjoy our exceptionnalrepertoire online with our collections for equal voices choirs !

The works are suitable for women or children voices. Follow our blog to stay updated with all the new musics we are publishing all year long.

For more advice on our collections for equal voices choirs, contact us we will be happy to guide you.

Are you looking for collections for mixed voices, or equal voices sheet music ? We can provide some too. Find your new program there !

Enchantement 5

For this fifth collection of the "Enchantment"...
14.00 EUR
Enchantement 6

This is a collection of songs extract from...
12.50 EUR
Enchantement 7
8 original songs for children choir and piano or...
17.70 EUR
Enchantement 8

This is a collection of songs which won Musique...
14.00 EUR
Enchantement 9

Dominic Faricier is a pianist and an...
18.70 EUR
Envole-toi- Choeur et piano

These are beautiful songs to share with toddlers...
10.40 EUR
Europa Cantat Junior 5- Nevers 2008

On the occasion of the great triennial meeting...
20.30 EUR
Europa Cantat Junior 8- Lyon 2017

Quickly discover the 28 titles of the...
17.20 EUR
Florilège choeur de femmes

This new Florilege includes 30 works of...
39.00 EUR
(-23.08%) 30.00 EUR
Florilège voix égales
It is with equal voices in general that we...
33.30 EUR
(-24.92%) 25.00 EUR
La compil'

This is a collection of 77 songs for children’s...
27.60 EUR
La maraude aux chansons- Choeur et piano
Fable du chat et de la souris (Pierrette...
11.40 EUR
La saison des pommes

This is a collection of 12 songs for children...
25.00 EUR
Le canon

The author Anne-Marie Grosser was asked a...
23.90 EUR
Le jardin des chansons enfantines - vol. 2
2 voices and piano - easy polyphony for beginners...
9.40 EUR
Le jardin des chansons enfantines - vol. 3 - La mer
Traditional sea shanties in french - songbook 1...
8.30 EUR