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La modalité grégorienne- Un langage pour quel message ?

La modalité grégorienne- Un langage pour quel message ?

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This work on Gregorian modes is intended for professional and amateur musicians. It is accessible, detailed, lively and complete. It is written from a musical point of view, but medieval documents were also used and the results of this research can be understood by non-specialist readers.
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Gregorian modality - A language for what message? a study of Gregorian modality by Jacques VIRET:

This book, intended for a wide audience of musicians and amateurs, provides an accessible and precise, lively and complete presentation of Gregorian modality. It approaches the latter from a primarily musical angle, without ignoring medieval treatises, and makes the results of a largely original research available to the non-specialist.
The approach adopted sheds light on the essential procedures of Gregorian composition: organisation of intervales, ornamental and other formulae, structuring of the phrase based on verbal accents, etc...
The author also develops a symbolic and esoteric explanation of the eight modes, a hypothesis that may help to elucidate the initiatory significance of Gregorian melody, as with all truly sacred art.

The author: Jacques Viret, Doctor of Letters, is Professor of Musicology at the University of Strasbourg II.