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Rock my soul/ Canon des scats

Rock my soul/ Canon des scats

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Rock my soul (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
Canon des scats (Pierre-Gérard Verny )
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Rock my soul and Canon des scats, by Pierre-Gérard Verny for 3 or 4-part a cappella canon.

Two emblematic pieces by this composer and arranger, much programmed everywhere by choirs of all ages, and in styles ranging from French chanson to jazz, negro spirituals to pop, and magnificent "cross-over" creations that blend styles and revisit numerous literary and musical classics.

So many choirs have shared their performances of these pieces on youtube, but let yourself be tempted by our recordings:

🎶 You are listening : Le Canon des Scats ! 🎧

🎶 You are listening : Rock my soul 🎧