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Rosa d'abril (Virolai de Montserat)

Rosa d'abril (Virolai de Montserat)

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SMA a cappella - Michel Prezman
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Choral piece for 3 equal voices a cappella by Josep Rodoreda and Jacint Verdaguer, arrangement by Michel Prezman

Also known as 'Virolai de Montserrat', this piece takes on a new dimension with this harmonisation for three equal voices by Michel Prezman.

The Catalan people have a history of veneration for the Virgin of Montserrat, the Rose of April. This virolai, composed by Jacint Verdaguer et Josep Rodoreda, was first performed in 1880 in Barcelone to commemorate the 1000thanniversary of the monastery at Montserrat. It describes the Virgin’s role in the lives of the Catalan people in this epoch, and of their search for salvation. Michel Prezman’s highly accessible a cappella arrangement for three voices captures the air and light that surrounds the mountain of Montserrat.